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History of the Kitchen in Rhode Island

Kitchens are very different now then they were even a few decades ago. There are probably four fundamental reasons for this. First, as a consequence of prolific electronic appliance usage, and second, the use and function of kitchens nowadays is quite different. Statistically, we include the kitchen as living space to enjoy, and not just for basic cooking chores. Kitchens now form an integral part of our daily living and social activities. The third important influencing factor is that we spend far less time in the kitchen cooking and in basic meal prep. There's a great abundance of prepared and processed foods. There's no need to cook for basic sustenance. The fourth factor is because there's no basic need to cook any more. It's done mostly for enjoyment and variety. Also, the advent of the increasing use of small electric cooking gadgets has created a new kind of cook. One whose purpose is enjoyment and not toiling in the kitchen to prepare basic meals. There's no longer a need – or even probably a desire – for most of us to prepare all meals, every day from scratch. So yes, things have changed in the kitchen.

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The Design Process in Rhode Island

There are a myriad of factors to consider when planning a kitchen or a bathroom remodeling project. These factors include deciding on appliances, flooring, hardware, cabinets, sink and counter styles, lighting, accents, appliances, paint colors and the plan for your kitchen or bathroom as to how it will look. Ideally, the process should begin with the process of defining how you'll be using the space, and what's most important to you. Form should follow function. To end up with successful project, your designer will need to be very experienced in managing all these variables. Otherwise you could end up with a design that looks great but doesn't meet your needs. Start with a basic design style, then adjust things one step at a time. Until the moment all the parts and pieces are ordered, you can make changes. But not after that, unless you're prepared to pay an awful lot.

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