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History of the Kitchen in Hawaii

Kitchen designs have changed more in the last fifty years than they have over the last thousand. There are four underlying reasons. First, as a consequence of consumer discovery of electronic appliances, and second, the ultimate use and function of kitchens is now very different. Most of the time, we spend as much time with family and friends in the kitchen as we do actually cooking. Kitchens have blended the basic functions of food preparation with day to day living activities. And the third factor is that we don't cook nearly as much as even our parents did two or three decades ago. With prepared foods all around, the pressure, or need, to cook every day has all but vanished. The fourth factor to keep in mind is that since cooking has moved away from the practical to the fun, the emergence of hand held and built in kitchen appliances has created a new breed of cook. The type of cook whose primary aim is to explore and experiment with various types of foods and is not concerned with having to learn the absolute basics of cooking. There's no pressure to cook broths or breads or sauces from scratch anymore, since they can be bought ready made.

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The Design Process in Hawaii

There are many things to consider when remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom. They include your choice of counter types, cabinets, hardware, counter types, accents, lighting, paint colors, appliances, sinks and the general layout of your kitchen or bathroom. Your planning process should always begin with considering the functionality needs of the kitchen or bathroom, then wrap the design around it. Functionality in use of space is very important. To get it right, your designer will need to be quite adroit at blending these design and layout criteria. Otherwise you could become the owner of the most wonderful kitchen or bathroom – but one that doesn't work well for you. Start with a simple design layout, then make changes step by step. Adjusting your colors, cabinet styles and hardware choices, etc., incrementally will let you see how the whole ensemble will work together.

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