Favorite Kitchen Trends 2017

While white seems to be continuing to trend, with it are the dark colors like chocolate brown and mahogany. Grey and its various shades blend with shades of white and the dark colors. Dark floors, white cabinetry, added to greys in counters and backsplashes are popular for 2017. The color block system is also rising in popularity during 2017. This is where chunks of the strong colors are evident in walls in kitchens. Jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue are emerging also. You can add these strong colors to kitchens in accents, like with kitchen linens, glassware, wall decorations and window coverings. You could even color block a wall – this is when you paint one wall in the accent color.

No surprise but the 6 or 8 seater kitchen table may be exiting in favor of center islands, breakfast counter islands and counter top eating. Small bistro tables for two or three are also moving in. Islands and cooking centers have been taking on the look of furniture with legs, carved edges and colors accenting the palette of your kitchen. Various types of stools to suit your style and taste, in eye catching designs and colors will also make an attractive addition to your kitchen.

The newest type of counter tops are of quartz while granite continues to be popular. Concrete continues to be popular. It’s smoothed and polished for counters and is perfect for farmhouse kitchens and industrial lofts or warehouse style homes. Having different types of counters for particular work stations is also popular. Like butcher blocks for cutting and chopping kinds of tasks, a specific area for trimming and washing salad greens would also have their place in the modern kitchen.

Preparatory stations for coffee, vegetable cleaning, desk or phone stations are popular because it’s a way to be more efficient and save time, while in the kitchen. Moving from one place or one room to another may be the way of the past because of busy lifestyles, we try to conserve our time and energy for things we enjoy doing. Spaces for storing those large appliances, like mixers, blenders, juicers processors must be available to get them hidden safely in an organized fashion. Designers seem to be aware of such activities and are striving to eliminate the heavy lifting, and having to step up on stools so they’re creating areas where appliances can be easily accessed, perhaps allowing for a ‘butler’s pantry’ in renovated areas and new home designs.

A combination of metals in appliances, chairs, stools and utensils are popular. With black faucets, polished stainless appliances and brushed nickel cabinet handles, the design element creates more interest, instead of having everything matchy, matchy. Suppliers are providing a multitude of choices of these items to suit each individual preference.

The undermount sink is becoming a very popular trend since the counter top and sink leave no edges, ledges or splits to collect kitchen grime or dirt causing bacteria laden catchall areas. The ease of clean up around the sink is important to the diligent cook, sous chef and the chief bottle washer.

Keep your eye out for these popular kitchen trends making an appearance in 2017. Maybe they’ll become your favorites too!

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