Renovation Nightmare

Here’s a real-life renovation nightmare that we can all learn from. It underscores the importance of hiring a an experienced knowledgeable, team. It was shared with us and we were encouraged to share it with you: ‘I’m writing you today to let you know of the stressful, time-consuming and expensive experience that we were forced […]

Kitchen Patterns & Colors

Ending up with a beautifully designed kitchen is all about balancing layers. A floor is a layer, cabinets are another layer, wall and countertop colors and designs are yet another layer. Lighting and appliance style and color are layers and then all your accessories and ‘things’ that sit on countertops are additional layers also. If […]

Summer Grilling – Outdoor Kitchens

Summertime and the grillin’ is easy. Can you hear the song? That is the sweet melody that is played on your patio while the brisket is smokin’ and the beers are chillin’. What? You only have an Hibachi on a cinder block in the back of the yard? OK, that’s fine, but we’re all allowed […]

How to Design Your Kitchen Layout

Location, location, location is a common term for a successful real estate investment, and if you want a kitchen that works for you successfully, every day, then advance planning for the placement and location of every appliance and category of items is crucial. You’re probably familiar with the triangular arrangement of the sink, oven and […]

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