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History of the Kitchen in Alaska

Kitchen designs have changed more in the last fifty years than they have over the last thousand. There are four basic reasons for this. First, due to the advent of electronic appliances and what we now call kitchen gadgets, and second, due to the changed function of the kitchen. Basically, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen in a social context. So our kitchens now serve both a practical and an entertainment function. The third and also significant factor is that we cook less. With the abundant availability of prepared and processed foods, the need for dedicating kitchen space and function purely for sustenance is no longer a factor. The fourth governing factor is that since cooking has moved away from the practical to the fun, the emergence of hand held and built in kitchen appliances has created a new breed of cook. The type of cook whose primary aim is to explore and experiment with various types of foods and is not concerned with having to learn the absolute basics of cooking. There's no pressure to cook broths or breads or sauces from scratch anymore, since they can be bought ready made.

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The Design Process in Alaska

There are many things to consider when remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom. They include your choice of hardware, cabinets, lighting, flooring, accents, counter types, sink styles, paint colors, appliances, and overall layout. The process begins with design and layout, but the list of things to consider need to work in harmony. You can take an eclectic approach to your design vision, but your designer must be very skilled in being able to meld the styles. Otherwise you risk ending up with what would be described as a bad design. It's probably best to start with a core and cohesive design style, then make changes step by step. Adjusting your colors, cabinet styles and hardware choices, etc., incrementally will let you see how the whole ensemble will work together.

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